Doom’s Day is Here!

Six months ago the K’tharen invaded Earth. Their ships were met in space by the world’s greatest heroes – The Avengers, the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and more. None of them ever returned. The K’tharen invasion fleet almost made it to Earth, but a new fleet arrived – one able to defeat the K’tharens, a race that had fought the K’tharen before, the V’sori. The V’sori were victorious, and when they landed on Earth, they were hailed as heroes.

This was part of their plan. With most of Earth’s heroes destroyed, the V’sori had little trouble assuming control of the world. Overwhelming force was brought to bear on a defenseless people, and within hours, the entire world had surrendered, at the cost of almost a billion human lives.

The V’sori want our resources. Our planet. Destroying the infrastructure and environment would be counter to their goal, so a quick peace was offered. V’sori governors rule every corner of the Earth, and for most people, they at least have safety again. The V’sori have grown comfortable as rulers of Earth. There are no governments left to oppose them, and no more heroes. They think they have nothing to fear from Earth.

They are wrong. Earth’s heroes are dead, but Doctor Doom remains. He has gathered a band of Villains to his side, and organized a resistance. You are his latest recruits, his newest rebel cell. You will help Doctor Doom free the world from the V’Sori overlords, so that the rightful ruler of Earth can have his throne at last. Today is Doom’s Day to be a hero. To do what is right. When good fails, sometimes we must suffer a little necessary evil…

Necessary Doom

BryanMStiltz Doom1